What does it take to save 6 days on a construction project?

Providing access to a world of digital data and technology is delivering significant efficiency gains for Koda Design.

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Koda Design, a Brisbane based construction design company, have been using Sync Technologies’ “Digital Twin as a Service” (DTaaS) since its inception.

Improving and streamlining the design process.

“Sync Technologies have given us access to a world of data that we didn’t have access to and had no way of obtaining previously,” says Koda Design Director, Dane Power, “They have applied technology to the construction industry with the use of high-resolution accurate modelling of an existing position, site or suburb. There is no better way to obtain or understand this very crucial information.”


Koda Design focuses on providing its clients with intelligent solutions and the latest digital technology. Sync Technologies is a big part of this, having worked with Koda Design since launching DTaaS to market.


“I can’t speak highly enough of Sync Technologies. Every job we work on with them is brilliant and we want to move towards using their product for every job,” says Power, “They are a great company to partner with. They get excited about technology and the possibilities and opportunities it can bring. And that makes us excited about the technology they provide. We often have discussions outside of project work about what new products or features are coming up and we can’t wait to start using them.”

Power formed Koda Design in 2009 after gaining extensive experience in leading projects across a wide range of sectors. He is passionate about utilising the latest technologies, innovation and design trends to deliver outstanding results for clients.


“Partnering with Sync Technologies gives us direct access to trial the latest innovations and tailored solutions,” says Power, “They are efficient, receptive to ideas and will work with us to get an understanding of the data we need. For example, we needed three different formats, one for the client, one for the software and one for a webpage, and they worked through it with us to reach our perfect endpoint.”


We are reducing site visits, making time available to take on more projects.

Koda Design focuses on the residential construction sector, with 50% new houses and 50% home renovations/extensions. They also take on small commercial projects in retail and hospitality, such as cafes and bars.


“DTaaS has solved a lot of issues with the business and time,” says Power, “It produces a 3D model that you can check from your desk so that there is no need for site photos and additional site visits. A huge help during COVID-19 when it was difficult to get permissions to go on site. You only need to visit the site once and everything is captured. Creating an efficient front end has opened our eyes to the possibilities. We are used to this amount of data now and are very spoilt. The product influences our design decisions.”


DTaaS visualises and simplifies complex construction processes by providing a digital source of truth across construction phases, reducing misalignments of onsite resources and execution.


“DTaaS saves us at least six days on a project,” says Power, “There is usually guesswork of four to eight hours and four to ten site visits of half a day each for two people.”


DTaaS not only supports the overall design processes, reducing the number of site visits, Power also uses DTaaS as a business development tool.


“The product has given us office efficiencies, which means we can take on more projects because as we have more time,” says Power, “We market ourselves as a cutting-edge technology company and tell our clients what the data is, why it is better with this information, site access and site lines at the front end. Our clients are very receptive to this offering and get excited about it.”

Accurate digital documentation and reference source.

Finally, DTaaS can be used for any miscommunication issues that may happen during the course of a construction project.


“We use the design model to our advantage as an insurance policy,” says Power, “For example, if there are arguments with the council about what happened to a balcony that has been changed, we can go back to the model and check. It also gives us clarity on drawings and a safety net. It is a very useful tool.”


Always one step ahead, Koda Design is currently thinking about the future of the construction industry and where technology and design will fit into this.


“What we do is in very high demand,” says Power, “We are actively aligning with companies, like Sync Technologies, to proactively address pain points with new processes provided by new technologies. By working together, we can find a way through and set us up for a more productive future.”


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