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SyncTech is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that streamline business processes, boost efficiency, and decrease the time and costs associated with conventional methods in the construction and building insurance industry. Their digital twin service portal offers a quick and economical way to obtain internal and external 3D models / digital twins of a property. Combined with the SyncTech Platform additional enhancements and cost savings can be achieved

Service Portal

Sync Technologies' Service Portal offers a time and cost-effective solution for reality capture models, allowing users to book skilled 3rd party drone pilots and technicians for scanning, laser scanning, and robotics

Reality Capture

Reality Capture creates precise 3D building models using laser scanning and photogrammetry. It speeds up claims management for building insurance and reduces rework, wastage, and delays in construction by capturing existing conditions.

Field to BIM

Field to BIM or Reverse Engineering involves creating a model in Revit or CAD of an existing building for milestone capture in construction projects. Teams can virtually inspect and identify issues, retrofit the building, or compare to the initial design.


Sync Technologies provides stakeholders with an accurate and immersive virtual view of a construction project or building a claim, regardless of location, reducing travel and inspection costs, leading to better-informed decisions and more efficient communication.

Self Capture

Sync Technologies self-capture solution enables users to create a reality capture of smaller spaces using their mobile phones, reducing the need for a physical inspection. Designed for smaller building claims and to work alongside the construction monitoring process

AI-Powered Class Detection

SyncTech's AI-powered roof defect detection solution employs machine learning algorithms to quickly and accurately classify and report damage types like cracks, chips, missing tiles and degradation.

SyncTech for
Building Insurance.

SyncTech for Building Insurance simplifies the entire property claims procedure, from site inspection and data collection to tender and rectification of the property damage reducing inspection and assessment costs and time by up to 75%.

Reduce assessment time (From 10 days to 2.5 days)
Reduce costly travel expenses
Increase daily assessment capacity
Increase field staff efficiency
Digital record in case of a dispute

SyncTech for Construction.

SyncTech for Construction enables stakeholders to optimize workflows through the usage of reality capture, reverse engineering, and AI-powered clash detection. Bring innovation and technology to a construction project without the upfront costs.

Reduce costly travel expenses
Reduce risk and costs of rework, wastage, and delays
Increase collaboration across multiple locations
Increase field staff efficiency
Increase CO2 savings and drive sustainability

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