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At Sync Technologies, we aim to increase workflow productivity, limit re-work and reduce margin erosion by synchronizing data from existing & emerging technologies and turning it into action. 

Get in Sync and enable effective communication, a higher level of safety and quality assurance on construction sites.

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Our aim is to create Productive Construction Sites

by enabling intuitive decision-making and proactive execution of optimized workflows



Super-App built for Construction Sites

Our Construction Assistance System (CAS) is your catalyst for construction sites, empowering site managers and supervisors. 

CAS syncs your existing technologies and connects everyone, enabling complete situational awareness by creating a single source of truth.

Get in Sync

Are you spending too much time looking through different apps and systems to find an answer to a simple question?

CAS syncs your systems by incorporating data from different sources, enabling you to make decisions quickly and get on with what you love doing.

Collaboration made easy

Do you find it hard to manage different stakeholders across different platforms & communication channels?

CAS enables stakeholders to communicate across multiple platforms and channels without the headache, helping you to focus on what really matters.

Digitise the Quality Check Process

Is your current ITP process time consuming with too many resources involved, but things still get missed?

Our Digital Twin as a Service (DTaaS) visualizes and simplifies the verification process, eliminating hours spent taking photos, videos and measurements.



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