The technology that saved JAC $7,000 in one variance

Digital twins are changing operational focus by providing remote validation of construction site progress.

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Brisbane brothers, Jamie and John Christophersen, founded James Anthony Construction (JAC) with the mission of creating beautiful homes and long-lasting client relationships. They employ expert project supervisors who have attention to detail and source the perfect raw materials to complement any design.

“We’ve been operating for ten years out of Brisbane and currently have 20 staff,” says Director John Christophersen, “We mostly work in high-end architectural homes and are going stronger and busier than we have ever been.”

JAC build new homes, perform major renovations, small works, maintenance and remedial work across South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales. They work with Sync Technologies digital twins for remote data capture.

“We use the Sync Technologies digital twins in capturing site data remotely for fly-throughs and validating work done, for example, the amount of dirt taken off-site and to check the quality of work completed,” says Christophersen, “I can do this all from the office. Before this, we had to complete on-site visits to validate work done.”

Christophersen has a thorough understanding of commercial operations with a pragmatic, hands-on approach to implement organisation-wide improvements and provide guidance to reduce costs.

“Using digital twins has changed our operational focus. It gives us more confidence to be able to validate what staff are reporting,” says Christophersen, “The tool saved us $7,000 in one variance with an architect. It is a great way to non-invasively verify what is happening on site.”

The common challenges in the tender processes are; limited time on-site, desk based accurate overview of the construction site, and variance in tender pricing. The digital twin technology manages this supplier process with stage gates during construction. It has an overview of all the post construction stages of: slab, frame, pre-sheet, plaster, lock-up, fit-out and handover.

“We have also been involved with the development of Sync Technologies construction app, which is an integration facility using a few different technologies to reduce the load on project managers.” says Christophersen.

This app empowers an on-site desk-less workforce by providing transparency, uniformity and accuracy of critical information, plus digital twin capabilities in one super-app.

“One of our biggest challenges is resourcing,” says Christophersen, “It’s difficult to find staff during a growth phase and rare to find good people. Other challenges we face are compliance, the correct documentation of projects and ordering administration.”

Christophersen has a demonstrated track record of managing high performing teams and resolving human resources issues. He has been working well with Sync Technologies, with pleasing results.

“It’s awesome working with Sync Technologies,” says Christophersen, “Alex has a construction background, so is easy to talk to. Digital Twins are a great reference point to check things off on. It takes out the guesswork. Our clients are delighted with it.”

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