How Digital Twins are reshaping insurance claims processes.

Find out about our partnership with one of the largest global providers of tech-enabled insurance claims services.

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We have partnered with one of the largest global providers of technology enabled insurance claims services companies whose clients include; insurers and government departments, as well as property managers, corporates and brokers. Their Australian building consultancy team provides expert advice on building investigations, method of repairs, stakeholder management and financial valuations.

“Our clients are national insurers,” says their national technical manager, who has more than 22 years’ experience in building and construction and more than 12 years specialising in defect investigations and advising as an expert witness, “We also work with building regulators, builders, restorers, engineers and certifiers.”

Insurance and loss adjustment practices were traditionally lengthy, paper-based processes. Coverage needed to be verified manually, along with, for example, the construction type and condition of the building. Given these manual processes, it was easy for key details to be overlooked during an assessment.

“We currently operate in an environment undergoing significant transformation and are constantly exploring new and innovative ways of working that add value, both in cost-effectiveness and customer experience – the two major metrics that we use to measure our performance. Any new technologies we engage have to meet those criteria, whilst maintaining – or improving - quality and accuracy.”

“Our business is tailored to insurance claims management. We have a variety of professional skill sets across our service lines, whilst I am part of our building consultancy team, who are experts in building investigations, project management, restoration, and quantity surveying. It is particularly rewarding when multiple skill sets collaborate within our organisation to take care of remedial building for our clients and their customers.”

“Engagements can be anything from the escape of liquids, such as pipes bursting, to a tree or vehicle crashing into a house,” says the national technical manager, “It also includes flood, fire, storm, defective building works investigations – effectively, almost any event that occurs to a property.”

This insurance provider utilises Sync Technologies, Digital Twin as a Service (DTaaS), which captures, visualises and simplifies complex construction processes by providing a time-stamped, digital source of truth across construction phases. Additional benefits include; minimising misalignments of onsite resources and execution, processing times and red tape – all whilst being compliant with all state legislation.

“Internally, we have named this technology Capture,” says the national technical manager, “It is a combination of a drone and visualisation software that produces a 3D virtual reality digital model, enabling a remote site assessment from a desktop. It provides the data to allow us to make key decisions and ultimately prepare detailed scopes, tenders and advice.”

“Culturally, within our industry, there needs to be a shift towards the implementation of technology solutions, and this is something we are working on with our colleagues and the industry asa whole.” The national technical manager continues.

“Working with Sync Technologies has been great,” says the national technical manager, “They are adaptive and agile. Whilst this technology is new to us, they are great at identifying how to capture the data we need and use it to achieve the desired results. They are flexible and give us time to test and implement the data.”

“In the future, we anticipate that 20% to 30% of our work can be done this way with Sync Technologies."

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