The source of truth for the construction industry.

SyncTech is a robust digital platform - Increased Visibility, Reduced Errors, Improved Decision Making.

Unified communication across any construction project.

Sync Tech provides insights into every aspect of the project as well as other useful information that helps any stakeholder make better decisions about how to move forward with the project.

Big Analytics

Transforming how buildings are built by bringing together the key data from construction projects and making it easily accessible.


Integrating Computer-aided design (CAD) & Building Information Management (BIM) project management software for contractors and owners.


Sync Tech is the only solution that seeks to synchronise data from multiple systems in real-time, improving the way construction sites are managed.

Drones & Robotics

On site scans using the latest technologies in robotics and drones to ensure your team gets the latest information in their hands as quickly as possible.

AR/VR Support

Visualized Construction Data Integration & Analysis Suite that lets you visualize your construction project data and share it with your team, clients or stakeholders in an intuitive and easy to use interface.


Using data from any device quickly collect information on-the-go, providing live updates on construction projects.

What our users say

“ Before Sync Technologies, we had to go on-site to validate work done, now I can do this all from the office. It is a great way to non-invasively verify what is happening on site - It takes out the guesswork. Also, our clients are delighted with it! "

John Christopherson
Managing Director at JAC

“ Sync Technologies have given us access to a world of data that we did not have access to and had no way of obtaining previously! Every job we work on with their product is brilliant and we cannot speak highly enough of them. "

Dane Power
Director at Koda Design

Simple, easy to use platform.

Our Digital Twin as a Service (DTaaS) platform gives you access to the entire lifecycle of any construction project instantly. The platform enables intuitive decision-making and proactive execution of optimized workflows – all powered by AI and Big Data Analytics. Now, everything is in one place and thus easier to share with all stakeholders across multiple sites.

Visibility across the project.
Reducing costs and reducing time lost to miscommunication.
Improved communication between all internal and external stakeholders.

Visibility across the project.

With SyncTech's Construction Assistance Mobile Application you can enable intuitive decision-making and proactive execution of optimized workflows for the whole organisation. This process gives more control over contractors and their performance data, to help ensure the project goals are met.

Easily accessible from any location.
Simple job management via the mobile app
Increased transparency on job completion.

Improve efficiency across the entire project.

Sync for Design Teams

Make it easier for all people involved in a construction project to get the right information at the right time. It also allows financing partners to reduce risk and deliver financial value. Reduce your costs with less time needed on site, increase communication between shareholders and improve client satifaction with increased efficiency.

Sync for Construction Teams

Streamline collaboration between the different parties involved – from the architect to the owner to the contractor to the engineer and key subcontractors. Simplified job management, helping construction workers stay on schedule, deliver projects faster and on budget.

Sync for Insurance

Reduce tender time, costs and time on site making assesments. Sync Tech makes the entire process of managing insurance assesments transparent. Assessors have real-time visibility into where all of the work is happening on the project. This makes it easy to make quick decisions about how resources should be allocated to maximize productivity and minimize project delays.